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Al-Kawn for Media and Advertising
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Al-Kawn Advertising
(Member of Arabia Group of Companies)

Since its inception, Al-Kawn has proven to be the strongest and fastest growing media company in the country. The advertising division - which was established in 2003 is specializes in media sales and services . Al-Kawn is currently responsible for three radio stations .

In its initial stages, Al-Kawn was responsible solely for radio Fann, Jordan’s first privately run radio station. By 2005, Al-Kawn became responsible for Rotana FM, which features and handles the biggest stars in Arab music. An exclusivity deal with Rotana Music allows Rotana FM access to the newest Arabic music fifteen days before any of its competitors. To date, Rotana FM is one of the country’s most popular radio stations.

Al-Kawn's latest addition is 103,7 Energy Radio, an English radio station catered to the young and young at heart, playing music from all genres. This new Jordanian station is committed to presenting the best quality of music, as well as the most creative and fun competitions, shows and promotions in town.

It is without a doubt that Al-Kawn has achieved a remarkable market presence and leadership through its association with Radio Fann FM, Rotana FM and the brand new, English station, 103,7 Energy Radio, but Al-Kawn continues to prosper. According to official figures and statistics, Rotana – Al-Kawn ’s first program - is now the leading radio station in Jordan; it has the highest audience figures and the largest share of radio advertising in the country.

Utilizing a professional sales approach and building excellent relationships with advertisers, Al-Kawn has served hundreds of clients in every sector from banking to telecommunications, automotives , travel and tourism, events, electronics, FMCG service providers and traders from different sectors.

Always on the lookout for fresher and better ways to service its clients' needs, Al-Kawn has over the past six years been developing new platforms to showcase its clients’ products and services within the radio medium. This has been implemented through a number of innovative advertising campaigns – which include sponsored programs, segments and competitions on air - in order to achieve clients’ maximum exposure and brand recognition.

Looking to the future, Al-Kawn plans to take on further challenges and seeks to represent other upcoming audiovisual media projects, providing its knowledge and expertise to media owners who are seeking to cover the Jordanian market and aiming to generate considerable revenue.

Rami Issam Rajji
Director of Sales & Marketing
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