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Our Radio Stations
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Fann FM
Radio Fann is considered to be a pioneer in the Jordanian radio scene, being the first station in the Kingdom to offer live Internet streaming, on-site live broadcasts and interactive programming, Radio Fann offers a complete package for listeners and advertisers. Since its launch in 2003, Radio Fann has been driven by a desire to not only be the number one radio station in Jordan according to official figures, but also to play an important role in the development of the local music scene.
Radio Rotana
Capitalizing on the pan Arab Rotana brand, Rotana FM, features some of the biggest stars in Arabic music. Targeting an (A, B) demographic, Rotana FM’s particular brand of music and programming benefits from an exclusivity deal with Rotana Music to play the latest Arabic music before any other Arabic radio station. Rotana FM is the number one station in Amman and other cities for both listeners and advertisers alike based on the most recent official figures. Entertaining listeners with shows and music seven days a week, Rotana FM caters for all segments with a mixed selection of the best Arabic music since 2005.
Radio Energy
Energy radio is the most vibrant station in town. Original, interactive, and exciting. This Jordanian station is committed to presenting the best quality of music. Launched in January 2008, Energy Radio is the latest member of ALKawn Group. Energy Radio is dedicated to providing its clients and listeners with the most creative and innovative shows competitions, promotions, and segments, it has sponsored various school fashion shows, talent shows, as well as parties and events around Amman. Lucky listeners of Energy Radio were sent on all expenses paid trips to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Beirut to see the biggest artist perform such as: Coldplay, Fergie, Kylie, Maroon 5, and Akon.
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